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Using Coupons at Walgreens


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Walgreens offers Register Rewards (RR) that print out after a purchase. These rewards are good for your next purchase, and they work like money. These are not tied to a specific account so you can purchase as many Register Reward items as you’d like. You do not have to have any coupons are store card to recieve register rewards.

What I do not like about Register Rewards is that you CAN NOT use them towards the same item. The computer sysytem set up at walgreens treats the reward like  a coupon and will not let another reward print for that item.  Just make sure that if you recieved a reward that says for example, “2 dollars off your next purchase from Gillette” then do not use that reward on the same Gillette product.

You must have as many items as you have manufacturer coupons, and your Register Rewards are counted as a manufacturer coupon too. I am always counting coupons and items to make sure of this. I hate when I miss count and the people in line behind me become unhappy about waiting for me to do a deal.

The order of your coupons is very important at Walgreens too!  So always make sure you have them in the right order. Here is the correct order:

  • Hand them your Register Rewards
  • Then place your manufacturer coupons next
  • Give your cashier the store coupons last ( these are found in the Ad or in a small booklet at the front of the store by the weekly ad)

Hey all you new to Couponing!

This site was dedicated at helping you save money! Use the start hear link on the right side to guide you on how to start saving some money! Stay posted as new deals are popping up daily ! also click follow at the top of your screeen!

Happy money saving!

Let’s go “Krogering”

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Here’s some very basic info on couponing at Kroger . . .

You need to have a Kroger card to get the best deals at Kroger. In order to get Kroger’s deals, you almost have to have a Kroger Card. If you do not have one sign up soon!  If you already have a Kroger card, make sure you also sign up online with your card number. You can load e-coupons onto your kroger card without ever having to clip a coupon. However, as nice as that sounds, the e-coupons from krogers site DO NOT double, and are often for less amounts than other coupons easily found.

Kroger WILL double all manufacturer coupons, up to $.50 cents. I usually save the coupons I find that are .50 cent just for my Kroger shopping trip. Most of the time I can find a better deal since the coupon will double to a $1.00 for that item.

Kroger frequently offers deal that are called “mega deals” or “buy 10 deals”  These deals take the most planning.  Usually at least a few times a month these deals will be offered.  These can make for some amazing savings, but it’s very important that you plan your trip wisely so that you get exactly that exact amount of items.)  For example if it is a mega 10 sale. YOU HAVE TO HAVE 10 ITEMS that are included in the sale to get that low price. If you have 9 then you will not get the sale price. =(

Kroger offers Catalina deals too! These are coupons that print at the end of your purchase for future items.

Coupon News Break

Head on over to to print a new coupon for .55 cents off rayovac batteries! We always are in need of batteries for all those toys!

While you are there, there are many other good coupons I just saw, including $1.00 off Wisk detergent.

Happy Money saving!

Walgreens Deal

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Here’s a fantastic deal on Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat at Walgreens!

Buy 4 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meat

Pay $10 out of pocket, get $3 Register Rewards for your next purchase

Makes it $7 Total  or $1.75 each after Register Rewards!

Coupon News break

New Deals at Target this week:

Coopertone sunscreen–$7.49

Buy 2 right now and you will get a $5 gift card

use (2) $1/1 coupons that were found in the paper on 5/20/2012

stack with (2) $1/1 target coupon printable found here|&intc=263580|null

Total $2.99 each after coupons and gift card

Coupon News Break

 Try your luck on sierra mist’s facebook page, and possibly win a coupon for $1 off Sierra Mist (which will make it free or close to free at  when combined with a sale.)

What you can find at Moneysavers of Owensboro

Lots of Deals and coupon information! I will add new posts each day that will highlight deals, coupons and  freebies that I know of.

Deals and coupon match ups for each store! There are many sites that post about coupons, but this site will be different. I will post about sales that are local. I will not have sales or share coupons that can only be used at places we don’t have locally. You can  drastically reduce your grocery spending by using coupons on an item that is already on sale.

I will post about other good deals I find around Owensboro. These deals may not need coupons but might be new mark downs at certain store or restaurant!

I will aslo share several frugal tips I use to help our family save money!

Happy couponing!

Coupons 101

When you’re first learning how to use coupons there are several abbreviations that i use or that you will hear me say. I know this can seem confusing. Here are some of the terms and/or abbreviations I use:

$1/1, etc.:  Indicates the value of a coupon, $1 off 1 item in this instance but could be any value

BOGO or B1G1, Buy One Get One free

Catalina : Coupons which print at the register after your purchase is made. These can usually be used like cash on your next purchase.

ECB : Extra Care Bucks, these are from CVS

Filler : An item(s) you need to buy in order to get your total up to a certain amount in order to use a percentage off coupon or at walgreens you have to have more or equal number of items as you have coupons. For example I can’t have 2 items and 4 coupons for those items or use more RR ( see below) than I have.

GM : General Mills Cereal

IVC :Instant Value Coupon

MFR : Manufacturer

OOP : Out of Pocket

OYNO : On Your Next Order

P&G : Proctor & Gamble coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper

Peelie : Coupon attached to an item’s packaging which can be peeled off

RR : Register Rewards, these print at walgreen at the register when you check out

Stacking : Using a manufacturer’s coupon in addition to a store coupon for an even lower price

WYB : When You Buy

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