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First thing First

First off, thanks for stopping by to read my blog! There is so much information on the internet, and I am aware, but I will really try to make reading this blog worth your time. We are trying to save money and after all Time is money isn’t it?

So the first thing… Getting those coupons!!!

  1.  Our Sunday Newspaper. The Messenger Inquire has a lot of coupons to get you started. I would suggest getting a paper every Sunday morning. I usually run out and buy mine after church, but I know if you choose to have the paper delivered there is not an option for just Sunday. A weekend option, however, is available. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I would also suggest that you get a Louisville Paper. It is the Courier-Journal. You will get more coupons from this paper, but not as many ads. I always buy both newspaper to cover all my tracks. About $3.75 for both every sunday. But trust me it is worth it. You will save a TON getting your hands on these coupons. I have never had a problem finding either paper. ( In case you were worried about it being sold out)
  2. Printing coupons from online. I print most of my coupons straight from the internet. You will have to install a coupon printer, but very easy to do and no virus’. This has to be installed to be able to print them. Good sites to start with: , and . You can print each coupon twice.
  3. Ask  family for their coupon inserts. I know my grandparents help me out on this one. They don’t buy as much and are not running around doing deals! It always helps to have those extra coupons on hand when there is a great deal on something!
  4. Check local coffee shops and Mcdonalds. There are papers laying everywhere! When I was in Louisville recently, Mcdonalds gave free papers to those who asked. That means I scored all my coupons free that week! I was one happy girl!
  5. If all else fails… dumpster dive! HA

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