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Here’s some very basic info on couponing at Kroger . . .

You need to have a Kroger card to get the best deals at Kroger. In order to get Kroger’s deals, you almost have to have a Kroger Card. If you do not have one sign up soon!  If you already have a Kroger card, make sure you also sign up online with your card number. You can load e-coupons onto your kroger card without ever having to clip a coupon. However, as nice as that sounds, the e-coupons from krogers site DO NOT double, and are often for less amounts than other coupons easily found.

Kroger WILL double all manufacturer coupons, up to $.50 cents. I usually save the coupons I find that are .50 cent just for my Kroger shopping trip. Most of the time I can find a better deal since the coupon will double to a $1.00 for that item.

Kroger frequently offers deal that are called “mega deals” or “buy 10 deals”  These deals take the most planning.  Usually at least a few times a month these deals will be offered.  These can make for some amazing savings, but it’s very important that you plan your trip wisely so that you get exactly that exact amount of items.)  For example if it is a mega 10 sale. YOU HAVE TO HAVE 10 ITEMS that are included in the sale to get that low price. If you have 9 then you will not get the sale price. =(

Kroger offers Catalina deals too! These are coupons that print at the end of your purchase for future items.


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