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Using Coupons at Walgreens


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Walgreens offers Register Rewards (RR) that print out after a purchase. These rewards are good for your next purchase, and they work like money. These are not tied to a specific account so you can purchase as many Register Reward items as you’d like. You do not have to have any coupons are store card to recieve register rewards.

What I do not like about Register Rewards is that you CAN NOT use them towards the same item. The computer sysytem set up at walgreens treats the reward like  a coupon and will not let another reward print for that item.  Just make sure that if you recieved a reward that says for example, “2 dollars off your next purchase from Gillette” then do not use that reward on the same Gillette product.

You must have as many items as you have manufacturer coupons, and your Register Rewards are counted as a manufacturer coupon too. I am always counting coupons and items to make sure of this. I hate when I miss count and the people in line behind me become unhappy about waiting for me to do a deal.

The order of your coupons is very important at Walgreens too!  So always make sure you have them in the right order. Here is the correct order:

  • Hand them your Register Rewards
  • Then place your manufacturer coupons next
  • Give your cashier the store coupons last ( these are found in the Ad or in a small booklet at the front of the store by the weekly ad)

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