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Frugal Friday

Each Friday I will be psoting  frugal idea just for fun! I love D.I.Y projects so I thought  I would share some on here too! Making stuff yourself saves money too! I have a list of projects I want to attempt. As I do, I will post pics and let you know how it went! This should be a fun part of this blog. So stop cutting those coupons for a second and look at this awesome frugal Friday idea =)

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Make Your Own Potting bench

This was taken from Better Homes and Gardens

*note* step by step instructions are on the website below

To start you need 2 pallets


measuring tape

circular saw ( or miller saw)

2 X4 lumber

1-5/8 in galvanized screws




primer or paint (optional)

STEP #1— Dissassemble pallets

STEP #2– Make all boards uniform, cutting away splintered edges

STEP#3– Build the legs using the 2X4 lumber

STEP#4– frame

STEP#5– Making the “countertop”

STEP#6–adding wood blocks for structure

STEP #7– Building bottom shelf

STEP #8– Add top shelf

STEP #9–add back slats

STEP# 10–Add bracing blocks

STEP #11– Sandpaper to smooth the surfaces

So neat when finshed! I can’t wait to make one of these myself!


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